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The WUN Think Tank presents thoughts, evidence, opportunities, published articles and actions arising from the WUN network of 21 leading research universities and 90 interdisciplinary research groups. The WUN Think Tank is our mechanism to share knowledge and offer solutions on issues of global significance, while contributing to the international debate. 

WUN works with knowledge partners world-wide, including academia, government, business, international agencies and NGO’s, in translating its work to policy options and practical translation.   

Building the WUN profile in China

Getting heard in the world’s most populous country can be a hard task. As China’s economy continues to drive forward and the nation’s political clout on the world stage grows, more and more international organisations recognise the importance of building a strong profile in China.

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Higher Education Reform to 2020: The Power of Partnership

It is a time of turbulence for higher education and research around the world. The effects of the global financial crisis continue, with reductions in resources from all sides. In contrast, the demand for higher education increases, with international student mobility likely to double according to the OECD. For research intensive universities, there are great challenges in maintaining quality and competitiveness, the cost of which increases constantly. In teaching and learning, new methods and technologies are also more costly. There is also a shortage of talent and availability of senior, experienced academics and research leaders, while conversely there is unemployment among new graduates as the generational transition is postponed along with retirement.

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