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How WUN builds bridges over BREXIT

BREXIT and the International Higher Education Landscape – Strategies and Solutions to Sustain Knowledge Partnerships

The BREXIT Workshop was the first WUN initiative in the Brexit space. High-level delegates joined at the Maastricht University Campus Brussels for discussions on how to sustain international knowledge partnerships in the light of Brexit. 

This summary distils the objectives, discussion and outcomes of the WUN “Bridges over BREXIT” Workshop, attended by 40 invited experts from universities, government, business, agencies and media.

Presentations (in order of appearance):

Video report

This video provides a snapshot of the day, including comments from keynote speakers. 
Credits: Maastricht University. With a special thanks to the video team and the coordinator. 
Partner Reports

Please visit the White Rose Brussels website a further impression of the day. 
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Thomas Jørgensen‏@Thomas_E_Jorgen
We need stronger institutional links to support European bottom-up #research collaboration says A George, @Bruneluni #wunbrexit

robert madelin‏@eurohumph
#WUNbrexit. Brexit agenda must NOT distract uni’s from broad and global challenge of making the 21st century entreprenurial uni.

Thomas Jørgensen‏@Thomas_E_Jorgen 
Some facts about UK’s role in European #Research and student mobility #WUNBrexit

White Rose Brussels@WhiteRoseBxl
But the biggest ERC recipient would also be gone, leaving more € to go around the EU27? #WUNBrexit hashtag looks like one to watch today!

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