Aug 30, 2012

Children’s body fatness linked to decisions made in the womb

New born human infants have the largest brains among primates, but also the highest proportion of body fat. Before birth, if the supply of nutrients from the mother through the placenta is limited or unbalanced, the developing baby faces a dilemma: should resources be allocated to brain growth, or to fat deposition for use as an energy reserve during the early months after birth?

Scientists at the University of Southampton have shown that this decision could have an effect on how fat we are as children.

Aug 30, 2012

Climate change stories from the abyss

A team of scientists including those from the University of Southampton have shed new light on the world’s history of climate change.

The Pacific Ocean has remained the largest of all oceans on the planet for many million years. It covers one third of the Earth’s surface and has a mean depth of 4.2 km. Its biologically productive equatorial regions play an important role particularly to the global carbon cycle and long-term climate development.

Aug 21, 2012

Modern human culture could have emerged 44,000 years ago

The University of Bergen professor in African archaeolgoy, Christopher Henshilwood, was awarded a Europen Research Council Advanced Grant in 2009.

Aug 16, 2012

Social Media Study

Associate Professor Ariadne Vromen from the University of Sydney has won a $312,000 grant to study whether social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter can help to reduce young people’s disenchantment with politics.

Aug 16, 2012

Chinese Politics in Globalized World

The Chinese Politics in a Globalized World program for the Spring semester 2013 is up and running!

Aug 09, 2012

London’s bridge is not one too far

All is right on the night. The naysayers are dispersed. As the Olympics roll on, London and the Brits are cresting the wave with a superb backdrop of history, humanity and style.

Aug 08, 2012

University of Leeds Alumni take Olympic Gold and Bronze

Brownlee brothers, both University of Leeds Alumni, take the Gold and Bronze medals for Team GB in the London 2012 Triathlon

Aug 03, 2012

New AAG representative appointed at Penn State

Marty TretheweyProfessor Martin Trethewey, the Arthur L. Glenn Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University, has been appointed to the WUN Academic Advisory Group (AAG).

Professor Trethewey will take over the role of developing the WUN program at PSU and represent the university on the AAG. He takes over the role from Peter Schiffer, who was former Chair of the AAG and is moving on from Penn State.

Aug 01, 2012

Funding international research collaboration

WUN today announced the 2012 round of the Research Development Fund (RDF).