Feb 28, 2011

Old bones aid battle against back pain

The bones of people who died up to a hundred years ago are being used in the development of new treatments for chronic back pain. The research is bringing together the latest computer modelling techniques developed at the University of Leeds, and archaeology and anthropology expertise at the University of Bristol.

Feb 28, 2011

Chemist awarded grant to develop ‘green chemistry’ for pharmaceutical industry

A University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of chemistry has received a grant to develop “green” techniques to produce compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.

Feb 22, 2011

York CRD leads new global research initiative

A major global initiative to establish an international register that will improve the transparency of health research was launched today by Health Minister Lord Howe.

Feb 08, 2011

Yorkshire Africanists celebrate York launch

The Yorkshire African Studies Network is marking its launch at the University of York with a conference on democracy and power.

Feb 04, 2011

£3.3m to model last interglacial sea level

A NERC consortium grant worth nearly £3.3 million has been awarded to a network of researchers, co-led by the University of Bristol, to model the last interglacial sea level.

Feb 03, 2011

Irrational numbers

John Hearn and Alan Robson urge universities to refocus on the reality of individual missions, not rankings’ absurd lists

Feb 01, 2011

University of York developing Afghan legal links

The University of York is forging close relationships with Afghan legal practitioners and academics to help equip the country’s future lawyers with the skills they need in post war Afghanistan.