Sep 25, 2012

Secrets in small blood vessels could reveal the risks of heart disease and diabetes

Researchers at the University of Southampton together with colleagues at King’s College London have embarked on a unique study that will shed new light on the risk of heart disease and diabetes in later life.

A healthy diet for pregnant women is important for the health of the baby. Having a poor diet in pregnancy, such as one that is too high in fat, may cause problems in the offspring’s later life. However, the exact mechanisms controlling the effect of diet during pregnancy on the long-term health of children are not well understood.

Sep 17, 2012

New Global Initiative to Accelerate the Development of Academic Talent

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Sep 05, 2012

UCT hosts international higher education conference

WUN member, the University of Cape Town hosted the 16thAnnual International  Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) Conference from 29 August to 1 September 2012, attracting 300 delegates from around the world.

Opened by UCT Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, the conference examined the state of internationalisation of universities in South Africa and how they can best keep apace with the rest of the world in this dynamic facet of higher education. The hosting of the conference was evidence of UCT’s commitment to internationalisation.