Jan 31, 2012

Learning from international human rights defenders at the University of York

Human rights defenders from around the world will share their experiences and discuss the challenges they face in a series of public lectures at the University of York.

Jan 18, 2012

Climate Balancing: Sea-Level Rise vs. Surface Temperature Change Rates

Engineering our way out of global climate warming may not be as easy as simply reducing the incoming solar energy, according to a team of University of Bristol and Penn State climate scientists.  Designing the approach to control both sea level rise and rates of surface air temperature changes requires a balancing act to accommodate the diverging needs of different locations.

Jan 05, 2012

No more free rides for ‘piggy-backing’ viruses

Scientists at the University of York and the University of Melbourne have determined the structure of the enzyme endomannosidase, significantly advancing our understanding of how a group of devastating human viruses including HIV and Hepatitis C hijack human enzymes to reproduce and cause disease.