May 10, 2020

WUN Research Mobility Program: Ideas in motion

In this story, we hear how two WUN member researchers benefited from new connections made through the Research Mobility Program: Colin Chu, who worked with engineers at the University of Rochester, and Victoria Rivera Ugarte, who collaborated with social scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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Mar 07, 2018

Sheffield welcomes applications for Visiting International Fellowship Scheme

The fellowship will be offered for visits between 4 and 6 weeks per year and applicants may request funding for up to £2,500.

Mar 07, 2018

Call for applications for the UFMG Summer School on Brazilian Studies 2018 is open

The program comprises lectures on various Brazilian-related topics, Portuguese classes and cultural activities. The Summer School will take place at UFMG main campus in Belo Horizonte and all activities will be conducted in English.

Aug 28, 2015

Unravelling the mystery of pain

Patients with chronic whiplash experience long-lasting pain, but doctors and researchers struggle to explain the causes. Solbjørg Makalani Myrtveit wants to help these often misunderstood patients.

Jul 28, 2015

Ensuring Environmental Livelihood Security

In communities where livelihoods are linked to the land and sea, environmental security is of utmost importance. This is particularly true in the developing nations of the Asia-Pacific, where many localities have a high dependency on fisheries, tourism and agriculture. Moreover, global changes are increasingly resulting in challenging localised impacts, such as increased frequency of extreme events. Thus, understanding the social-environment system is imperative to providing solutions for responding to climate change.

Mar 16, 2015

Research Mobility Programme Leads to Joint Success for PhD Students

The mission of WUN is twofold: to support international research collaboration and to foster the next generation of researchers. It appears to have accomplished both in regard to two PhD students who have recently published a joint paper in a special issue of the Journal of Asian Social Work and Policy Review.

Feb 25, 2015

Sheffield Students to Participate in Research Mobility Programme (RMP)

Creating opportunities in international research and graduate education is at the core of WUN’s mission. Hence the Research Mobility Programme (RMP), which allows graduate students and early career researchers to spend a period of up to three months at other member institutions within the network. This not only allows them to take advantage of new facilities and resources, but also gives them experience working in different research cultures and an opportunity to establish international connections within their field.

Jun 04, 2014

WUN fosters the next generation of researchers

WUN announced it will fund sixteen young researchers from member institutions to spend periods of up to three months at partner institutions across the network through its Research Mobility Program (RMP).