Information for researchers at WUN member universities

How do I apply for WUN funding?

View the Research Development Fund guidelines for information. RDF provides one year of seed funding with the firm expectation that projects will result in academic publications, policy impact and sustainability through securing funding from external sources.

Note, projects awarded funding become WUN research projects and must credit WUN appropriately, including the display of the WUN logo. Any publications resulting from an RDF-funded project must acknowledge WUN as a funder. Principal Investigators are welcome and encouraged to participate in WUN initiatives and events as they arise, including the WUN Annual General Meeting and Global Challenge workshops.

WUN works closely with experts from several other universities around the world, as well as the private sector, in order to expand our intellectual reach and ensure the very best minds contribute to our research. These external partners, known as WUN Plus (WUN+) partners, make an important contribution to joint projects and are appropriately named on funding programmes and publications. However, WUN+ partners do not qualify for direct funding from WUN.

What is the WUN Sustainability Fund?

The purpose of the WUN Sustainability Fund is to strengthen and accelerate the development of major WUN initiatives that demonstrate particular capacity to attract significant external funding (from government, NGOs, international agencies, foundations and industry sources).

The fund has a different focus to the Research Development Fund, which brings together WUN talents and builds the partnership through an annual, competitive seed fund. Any proposal should be discussed and shaped in advance with the relevant Global Challenge Chair (see Global Challenge pages for information) and the WUN Executive Director.

Existing initiatives should be able to demonstrate significant track record and groundwork for success. New initiatives should demonstrate unique potential and include a mapping study of WUN strengths in the proposed area. Proposals must first be submitted to the relevant Global Challenge Chair for approval and submission to the WUN Executive Director.

Email us for information on WUN’s Sustainability Fund and/or to request the proposal template.

Does WUN promote my research? 

Work with your WUN Coordinator to create a research page for your Interdisciplinary Research Group on the WUN website and use it to promote your WUN research, and inform WUN partners and possible external funding agencies about your progress. Even if your project has its own promotional mechanisms including a website, it is important to keep your WUN page up-to-date. It is your business card for WUN audiences and you don’t want to miss a potential funding or collaboration opportunity.

If you share your WUN work with your social networks, remember to include WUN’s Twitter handle @WUNetwork or hashtag #WUNetwork so we can champion your work.

Contact WUN Secretariat and you local WUN Coordinator to share your WUN activities. Please note WUN workshops can be held at any time. They can be at a member university, joint with a relevant international society or agency, or include a research fellow working with such partners. These activities are usually funded through the Global Challenge Steering Group Funds, or the RDF as appropriate. The proposal should be prepared in a timely way, and signed off through the WUN Global Challenge Chairs and the Executive Director. Email us for more information including funding.

Information for WUN Coordinators

Where can I find information on the role?

New to the role of WUN Coordinator? You will be supported by WUN Secretariat and the Chair of the Coordinators Group, and also be assigned a mentor from within the WUN Coordinators Group who will work closely with you to develop your role, and that of your university, in the network. The WUN Coordinator Induction Pack is a handy guide that will be provided to you when you start the role. You will also have access to WUN’s online file sharing system

What is the workload? 

Throughout the year there will be a few WUN deadlines including the annual RDF call, IRG reporting and Institutional Impact reports. These activities will be announced via email and generally occur around the same time each year. Information can be found in the WUN Coordinator Induction Pack.

WUN Coordinators are expected to post their insitution’s WUN related news on this website and keep research pages  (of research groups led by their university) and their university page up-to-date. Please do not post news items that are not WUN related.

WUN Coordinators are also encouraged to share WUN related events and news via the social media platforms available to them (include #WUNetwork or @WUNetwork in your Tweet) and alert WUN of any WUN related activities via email or via Twitter @WUNetwork.

Information for new member universities

What are the membership criteria?

WUN is a network of peer universities from around the world. If you are a research-intensive university with a global reputation, a vision for international excellence and strengths in our priority research areas, we are interested in hearing from you. The first step towards membership is a willingness to participate and invest in WUN. All new members are approved by the WUN Partnership Board.

What are the first steps of membership?

New members are encouraged to form their WUN team as quickly as possible to be able to engage in the network. View the governance page on this website for current members.

New members are introduced to the network via the news section on this website – an excellent opportunity to offer information on research strengths, interests and expectations, and connect with potential partners. Input for this article including an image and logo should be send as soon as possible to WUN’s General Manager. An example is available here.

How do we engage in the network?

Each WUN member chooses their own model of implementation and operation for WUN. Criteria for successful engagement include:
  • The President of the university acting as champion for the network, engaging with the Partnership Board, advising on strategy and resource development, and attending the annual conference and AGM.
  • A senior university officer, preferably a Vice President, with the responsibility for research  or internationalisation of a research strategy.
  • A full or part-time Coordinator to manage the programme and projects of WUN within the university and to act as an intermediary between the network and the university community. The Coordinator works with academics to develop initiatives, follow up on programmes, track achievements and communicate academic and funding opportunities.
  • A modest sum set aside by each member university to support collaboration among members.
  • New members are encouraged to appoint representatives to the Global Challenge Steering Groups. These groups drive the focus and activities of WUN’s four main research themes. Representation on these groups will ensure your institution’s priorities are represented in WUN’s key research platforms. Your representatives should also be able to act  as WUN ambassadors within your institution by sharing ideas and opportunities with colleagues.

Information for partner organisations 

Why should our organisation partner with WUN?

WUN partners with a wide range of international agencies and organisations including the UN, OECD, WHO and World Bank Institute in order to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges. By partnering with us, your organisation can harness the resources of 23 leading universities in12 countries across 6 continents through one channel. Together, we can define a truly global research agenda that makes an impact on scientific discovery, policy frameworks and communities around the world.

Email us if your organisation is interested in partnering with WUN.