About WUN

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) is a leading global higher education and research network made up of 23 universities, spanning 13 countries on six continents. Together we work to drive international research collaboration and address issues of global significance.

WUN complies with international conventions and agreements, including the classification of developed and less developed economies; and the recognition of the People's Republic of China as the representative of all China at the United Nations (GA Resolution 2758, 25 Oct 1971).

WUN is the most active global higher education and research network with 88 active research initiatives, engaging over 2,000 researchers and students collaborating on a diverse range of projects. These initiatives are committed to addressing some of the world’s most urgent challenges and are supported by prolific partners such as the United Nations Foundation, World Bank, OECD and World Health Organization.

We focus our research on four globally significant themes that drive our programmes and ignite our teamwork:

Within each of these areas is a collection of high-quality collaborative research programmes involving a number of WUN member universities along with other academic institutions, government, international agencies, foundations and industry.

In order to achieve collective objectives, WUN draws upon the combined resources and intellectual power of its membership. By creating new opportunities for international collaboration, WUN enables members to extend the reach and scope of their research and establish lasting partnerships that enrich their work.

WUN also fosters the next generation of researchers through its Research Mobility Programme (RMP). This program provides opportunities for early-career researchers, including postgraduate and postdoctoral students, to expand their knowledge, gain international experience and broaden their professional networks. The RMP provides access to expertise and resources that are not available within the awardee’s own institution, while exposing them to ideas and cultures different from their own. WUN researchers can also apply for catalytic funding from the WUN Research Development Fund to spark collaborative activities.

WUN is proud of its ability to effect positive results in areas that impact both our immediate and long term futures. Through international collaboration, we will continue to create new knowledge, nurture emerging research talent and ultimately transform the world for the better.

Our vision

 As a leading international higher education and research network, we will be a force in developing innovative solutions to some of the world’s most significant challenges.

Our mission

WUN draws upon the combined intellectual power and resources of its members to create opportunities in international research and graduate education. It partners with government, international organisations and industry to stretch ambitions and develop the next generation of leaders.

Annual Report

The Worldwide Universities Network Annual Report 2017-18

Strategic Plan

The Worldwide Universities Network Strategic Plan 2018-20.