Jan 24, 2021

Global Africa Group


The WUN Global Africa Group (GAG) is a platform for African and non-African research institutions committed to working together. Utilising the expertise and international partnerships amongst our group members, we aim to contribute to the identification of sustainable and equitable solutions to critical local, regional and global challenges of relevance to Africa.

Strategy 2020–2023

The Global Africa Group currently focuses on new approaches for Africa research collaborations – within and beyond academia – that enable equitable knowledge production and innovation. We will pursue our aim by:

  1. Bringing together group members and thought leaders on the subject, for example in workshops;
  2. Exploring and refining new approaches; and
  3. Devising and promoting guidelines – principles and practice approaches – for future collaborative research and cooperation.

Foundational for our endeavour is to challenge, explicitly, the historically rooted inequities and existing orthodoxies in the global field of knowledge production and specifically, in research cooperation with Africa; and to develop alternative epistemologies and methodologies for productive collaborations. Entrenched power imbalances between and among African institutions and actors and those outside of the continent arise on several levels: in the financial control and management of projects; the determination of agendas, priorities and locations for inquiry; the epistemological and methodological approaches embraced; the interpretation and use of findings; and in research dissemination.

We believe that our work will nurture the capacities necessary to bring about grounded solutions from and for the African continent, thus enriching the global scientific endeavour and, ultimately, drive sustainable social and economic transformation needed regionally and globally.

Read the full WUN GAG Strategy 2020–2023 document.


The WUN Global Africa Group (GAG) is one of WUN’s special interest groups and has been identified as one of WUN’s cross-cutting themes. These themes intersect with all four Global Challenges and are deemed vital to understanding and addressing them. Cross-cutting themes are selected based on identified research strengths across WUN.

The Global Africa Group was formed by WUN in 2015 to enhance opportunities – enabled by WUN’s network of partners – of research collaborations, innovations and impact in support of Africa’s sustainable development challenges.

Our research areas are i) environmental change and food security; ii) public health; iii) governance, inequality and social inclusion; iv) higher education and knowledge exchange; v) natural resources.

Our group members are WUN researchers and colleagues from African and non-African research institutions.

Contact us:

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the network and how to be involved. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email Wilna Venter · WUN Coordinator for the Global Africa Group

See WUN Global Africa Group on YouTube

Steering Group:

  • A/Prof Divine Fuh, University of Cape Town · Co-Chair |  Email
  • Prof Isabella Aboderin, University of Bristol · Co-Chair |  Email


Documentation and presentations

  • GAG Strategy 2020–2023 > view
  • GAG Workshop Series 2021: “Disrupting orthodoxies in global North-Africa research cooperation and knowledge production for sustainable development. Concept Note > view
  • GAG Annual Research Workshop 2020: “Re-thinking North-South cooperation and knowledge production for SDGs”. 15 Dec 2020. Online. Report > view  > workshop videos
  • GAG presentation at WUN AGM 2019, Dublin: “WUN Success Stories”. 19–24 May, 2019. University College Dublin, Ireland. Report  > view
  • GAG panel discussion: “Africa and Sustainable Development Agendas” 2018. WUN Conference and AGM. 25 May 2018. University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. Invitation > view
  • GAG Annual Research Workshop 2018: “Implementing the SDGs in East Africa: Translating collaborative research into policy impact”. 29–30 Nov 2018. University of Nairobi, Kenya. Report   > view   > presentation


  • “Re-thinking North-South cooperation and knowledge production for SDGs” (2020). GAG workshop. 15 Dec 2020. Online. > view  (6 videos)
  • “Remapping Africa through peace parks: What future for the continent?”.  Prof. Maano Ramutsindela, GAG Co-Chair (2018). University of Cape Town Vice-Chancellor’s Inaugural Lecture. 21 Feb 2018. University of Cape Town, South Africa. > view


  • GAG collaborative book project: “Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals” (2020) > view


There are several Africa-related research projects funded by the WUN through interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs).

IRGs 2020:

IRGs 2019:

IRGs 2018:

Selected outcomes

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