May 18 2022 | Posted by WUN

WUN Consortium Round Table at WHEC 2022: “Coping with Catastrophe through Collaboration”

WHEC 2022 Round Table

Image: UNESCO 

UNESCO World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022) aims at reshaping ideas and practices in higher education to ensure sustainable development for the planet and humanity. During this conference, on Wednesday 18 May, the WUN Consortium ‘Education in a Warming World‘ will hold a round table session “Coping with Catastrophe through Collaboration”.


In response to the intensification of the environmental problems, growing numbers of higher education institutes are declaring climate emergencies and making public commitments to contribute to the realisation of global social and ecological goals, and many dedicated individuals in the sector are already working to drive meaningful action. But how can we ensure that aspirational declarations and positive individual actions translate into sustainable and transformative change?

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Education in a Warming World research consortium is dedicated to trying to solve this puzzle. This panel will reflect on the learnings, activities and outputs from our collaborative efforts, and present findings from our report Tertiary Education in a Warming World, a compilation of research, practical examples, and reflections from our own experience of advancing pro-environmental agendas at the Tertiary Level.

We will also provide examples of how this international collaboration strengthened our individual efforts to promote sustainability agendas in our own universities, and reflect on the benefits of transdisciplinary sustainability-focused collaborations, the unanticipated outcomes of this collaborative work, and the challenges we have faced.

  • Orla Kelly, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin (in person)
  • Maud Huynen, Associate Professor,  Maastricht University (in person)
  • Pim Martens,  Professor, Maastricht University (via Zoom)
  • Sam Illingworth, Associate Professor, Edinburgh Napier University (via Zoom)

Session time: 18 May 2022, Fira room 4, 10:15 – 11:45 CEST.
See the WHEC 2022 agenda for an overview of all sessions.