May 13, 2021

Education in a Warming World: A Collaborative Research Network on Education and Climate Change


While we accept why education is so crucial in the era of climatic change, rigorous and trans-disciplinary research is needed to understand how societies can best harness this social institution to promote global sustainability.

This project aims to build a coalition of researchers’ working at the intersection of the climate crisis, and education—broadly defined. The members of this consortium have a broad range of expertise in climate science, education, human health and well-being, policy, social science, science communication, and sustainability literacy. We also have extensive geographic experience with coinvestigators participating from across the UK, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Research outputs envisaged during the one-year funding period include i) network development to facilitate international collaborative grant-funded research projects.  We anticipate that the relationships built through this consortium will stimulate collaborative projects and enable researchers to apply for large-scale international research funds and grants jointly. We will have four virtual workshops over the course of the grant period to drive this agenda forward. ii) the production of a set of best practice guidelines and iii) academic outputs on promoting a robust climate change and sustainability education agenda at the tertiary level. This best practice framework will be of interest to a broad range of stakeholders, including. intergovernmental organisations, national policymakers, non-governmental organizations and many of those engaged in higher education in a variety of capacities.

By drawing on the wealth and diversity of our experiences, this network of academics will build the foundation for sustained and productive research partnerships across disciplines, universities, and countries.

Who's involved

  • Dr Robert O. Manteaw, University of Ghana;
  • Prof Julia Steinberger, University of Leeds;
  • Prof Dr Pim Martens, Dr Maud Huynen, Maastricht University;
  • Dr Revocatus Twinomuhangi, Makerere University;
  • Prof Fabrizio Butera UNIL;
  • Prof Marcus Grace, Dr Andri Christodoulou, University of Southampton;
  • Prof Vaille Dawson, Dr Sam Illingworth, The University of Western Australia;
  • Professor Mindy Blaise, Edith Cowan University;
  • Dr Peta White, Deakin University