Jun 15 2020 | Posted by wun

Sustainable Oceans Series: Highlighting Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water


Photo credit: Eivind Senneset

In a series of articles, United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) presents ocean science from WUN member the University of Bergen, its Hub institution for SDG 14: Life below water in the Sustainable Ocean Series.

We are sharing four features from this project (with a new article published each Monday) and also highlighting what WUN research teams are doing to address the future of our oceans.

Series article one: The future of education in ocean science (8 June 2020)

Series article two: Science diplomacy for the ocean (15 June 2020)

Series article three:  The law of the high seas (22 June 2020)

Series article four: Providing data to save our ocean (29 June 2020)

For further reading, the following are current and former WUN Interdisiplinary Research Groups focusing on our oceans.

Current WUN research projects

Modelling Microplastic Waste Transport in Rivers and the Coastal Oceans

Environmental and social consequences of decommissioning offshore infrastructure

Impact of ocean warming and acidification on marine fish production

Completed WUN research projects

Ocean Eddies in a Changing Climate: Understanding the Impact on Coastal Climates

Changing Coasts, Climate Change and Other Drivers

Indian Ocean Archaeology Network