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Resilient Peace Final Workshop


On 23 November 2018, the University of Bristol hosted the final Resilient Peace workshop in Bristol, UK, on “Exploring resilient peacebuilding actors, cultures and policy transfer in West Africa”. This was complemented by a series of events related to an IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship for Prof Ransford Gyampo (University of Ghana).

Workshop summary

The day-long Resilient Peace final workshop on “Exploring resilient peacebuilding actors, cultures and policy transfer in West Africa” focused on some of the key themes of the collaboration work conducted during the year-long project. Common themes through all of the papers related to the measurement of types and levels of peace and resilience in various contexts. See this page for a full summary of the workshop including speakers and conference photos. 

Talk videos and interviews

Videos of individual talks and interviews can be accessed here. View a short promotional film about the workshop:

Project information

The Resilient Peace network ran throughout 2018. It engaged with the challenges of building peace in West African states in the context of the withdrawal of Western actors and the promotion of resilience approaches in peacebuilding.

Resilient Peace was funded by the Worldwide Universities Network’s Research Development Fund, and led by the University of Bristol.

The work has been carried out by a multidisciplinary global team of experts, led by the University of Bristol. WUN-partners are the University of Auckland, the University of Cape Town, the University of Ghana, the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, the University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia. WUN+ partners include the University of Otago, the University of Pretoria, and swisspeace.

Other activities:

Policy Workshop in Accra, Ghana, October 2018

Source: https://resilientpeace.net