Feb 21 2014 | Posted by wun

First ‘university professor’ appointed at Maastricht University

First 'university professor' appointed at Maastricht University 16 January 2014 – Maastricht University (UM) has appointed as professor of Nanobiology Peter Peters, a world leader in his field. Peters is UM’s first ‘university professor’, a special post granted on the basis of his scientific achievements. The Province of Limburg welcomes the appointment: in its view, scientists of this stature form a bridge between science and industry and make the value of science visible to the general public. The Province therefore supports this professorship with the title ‘Limburg Chair’.

Peters (Hunsel, 1957) works at the cutting edge of medicine and the natural sciences. He studies the immune system at a nanometre level, with the aim of improving treatment for diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. His appointment, effective as of 1 January 2014, was announced today. Peters will establish the Institute of Nanoscopy that will help UM achieve its ambitions in the field of scientific imaging.