Feb 10 2021 | Posted by WUN

Exploring a global vaccine certification program


The WUN research group ‘Norms, standards, and enforcement of the COVID-19 International Certificate of Vaccination’ is investigating how a global vaccination certification protocol might be developed and implemented. The project is considering the potential roles of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other global organisations such as the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) in setting norms and standards for such a certificate, and how these might best gain widespread political acceptability.

Geoff McMaster at The University of Alberta recently interviewed Alberta professor and political scientist Andy Knight, who serves as the principle investigator of this team that, in addition to Alberta includes WUN members The University of Auckland and the University of Sheffield, along with external partners the University of Western Australia, The University of the West Indies and the University of Ottawa, on how “developing a standard vaccination protocol (could) spur social and economic recovery worldwide.”

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Photo credit: John Ulan