Oct 24 2012 | Posted by SSSandy

Enactus Southampton reach semi-final in worldwide competition

The University of Southampton Enactus team (formerly known as SIFE, Students in Free Enterprise) has reached the semi-final of the Enactus World Cup. Students from Southampton represented the UK in the international competition for business leaders of the future, for the second year running.

The team from Southampton retained their national champion title at the annual UK competition and went forward to the Enactus World Cup in Washington DC in September, where they reached the semi-final amongst 38 teams.

Enactus is a not-for-profit global organisation that works to mobilise university students to make a difference within their communities while developing their skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

Guided by university and business advisers, students run real-life projects that create economic opportunity for others. An annual series of regional and national competitions provides a platform for teams to present the results of their projects, which are then judged by business leaders. The overall winners subsequently represent their country in the Enactus World Cup.

Rachel Willey, Social International Vice President for Enactus Southampton says: “The Enactus World Cup was something I feel very fortunate to have been a part of. It was amazing to see some of the incredible work that students have managed to achieve across the world. Being amongst so many people who share the same vision and passion made me realise what a force we can be as a changing agent of the world.”

Enactus Southampton was chosen over 47 other universities at the national finals, after they presented three social projects: Wisemind, Right Light and EnterpRICE. These projects aim to have a positive impact on individuals and communities, be it through teaching skills in business, helping rebuild incomes or supporting new businesses.

Established in 2009, the Enactus Southampton team draws students from a wide range of courses from maths to geography and civil engineering; and is completely financially independent through their three businesses which generate profits. It is something that the University is extremely proud of and has recognised Enactus as part of the celebrations to commemorate the University’s 60th anniversary in 2012.

The competition runs in over 40 countries worldwide. Enactus UK (formerly SIFE UK) has been established for nine years with an estimated 2,500 university students taking part in the programme each year, making it the largest university enterprise competition in the UK.

Charlotte Pearce, President of Enactus Southampton says: “Being semi-finalists on a world stage is a fantastic showcase of our achievements.I have high hopes for Enactus Southampton, we have a fantastic team in place and we aim to continue to build on our strengths and retain our title this year.”