Jun 19 2012 | Posted by wun

Bergen Summer Research School 2012

The 2012 edition of the University of Bergen´s Summer Research School is a truly international PhD conference taking place from 20–22 June. The title of the conference is Transnational migration and global development. Motivations for, and modes of migration are diverse and often overlapping: from voluntary labor migration to family migration to forced migration due to climate change, lack of food security, war, or ethnic and religious conflict. Common to all forms of migration, though, is that the economic, social and cultural relations in both sending and destination countries are altered as a results. How does this happen, and what is the impact for both the individuals involved and society at large?

A transnational lens on these questions may help us better understand their dynamics and effects. This conference aims to transcend typical divides between development researchers specializing on countries in the South and migration researchers specializing on countries in the North. The conference focuses on four interdisciplinary themes that may be researched from a range of different disciplines and geographical departures. These are:

1) Political mobilization and collective action

2) Segregated zones of living: refugee camps, asylum centers, ghettos

3) Rhetoric of exclusion

4) Precarious lives: The law of states versus the law of peoples.


More information and full program on the PhD conference website http://www.bsrs.no/program/2012/index.htm