Dec 12 2013 | Posted by SSSandy

Arctic climate research receives major funding boost

The University of Bergen´s Bjerknes Center for Climate Research and Uni Research receive a major funding boost from the European Research Council (ERC) Synergy Grant for the project “Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity (Ice2Ice)”. The total funding for the project over a five year period is NOK 100 mill of which the University of Bergen and Uni Research receive NOK 60 mill. This is the first ERC Synergy Grant ever that goes to a university in Norway.

Ice2Ice is the first concerted effort to tackle the first order question of the cause and future implications of past abrupt climate changes in Greenland. It combines understanding of interconnections of sea-ice and the Greenland ice sheet in the past with research on their interconnectivity and sensitivity under modern and future conditions. The key hypothesis is that Arctic and sub-Arctic sea ice cover exerts important controls on past and future Greenland temperature and ice sheet variations.

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