Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems

How can we make 21st century systems of care sustainable? and how can citizens be empowered to have more control over how care resources are accessed and care costs distributed? The care of older, sick and disabled people is a timely and important topic: population ageing, modernising health and social care systems, and new ways of organising / supporting care work (paid and unpaid) are critical issues for governments worldwide. The sustainability of care is challenged by increasing population mobility and ageing and rising social inequalities which make commodified caring labour accessible to the most affluent but beyond reach for the less well-off, including many older, sick or disabled people.

Widening inequalities are challenging cultural practices, with important effects on care practices, which are often deeply embedded in familial and cultural values, yet under great pressure from economic and demographic change. This strain is felt most acutely among minority, migrant and indigenous populations, frequently drawn into ‘global care chains’ or facing care dilemmas within transnational family networks.

This research collaboration will analyse and compare these developments, assess their role in making care sustainable, theorise their impact and offer critical assessment of policy options.

  • University of Sheffield: Professor Sue Yeandle, 
  • University of Alberta: Professor Janet Fast
  • University of Auckland: Professor Matthew Parsons
  • University of Sydney: Professor Kate O'Loughlin,
  • Zhejiang University: Professor Ka Lin,
  • MBE Carers, UK: Ms. M Starr
  • Employers for Carers Forum, UK: Ms. K. Wilson
  • The Policy Press, UK: Ms. J. Mortimer
  • Institute of Population and Labor Economics, China: Director General Professor Zhang Juwei,
  • Macquarie University: Gabrielle Meagher
  • RMIT: Fiona McDonald and Sara Charlesworth
  • University of Sydney [CEPAR]: Prof Marian Baird, Prof Lindy Clemson, Prof Hal Kendig, A/Prof Kate O’Loughlin and Dr Vasoontara Yieng
  • UNSW [SPRC]: Prof Deb Brennan, Prof Lyn Craig and Dr Trish Hill
  • University of Western Australia, Prof Loretta Baldassar
  • University of Alberta: Jacquie Eales, Prof Janet Fast and Dr Yoohong Min
  • McMaster University: Prof Allison Williams
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences: Prof Arlene Astell
  • University of Toronto: Prof Ito Peng
  • University of Jyvaskyla: Prof Teppo Kröger
  • University of Vechta: Prof Hildegaard Theobald
  • Zittau-Görlitz University: Prof Andreas Hoff
  • INRCA: Dr Giovanni Lamura
  • Japan Lutheran College: Dr Mai Yamaguchi
  • Japan Institute for Labor Policy & Training [JILPT]: Shingou Ikeda
  • University of Auckland: Prof Stephen Jacobs, Dr John Parsons, Prof Matthew Parsons
  • Massey University: Prof Fiona Alpass
  • Zuyd University: Prof Marieke Spreeuwenberg
  • University of Bergen: Prof Karen Christensen
  • Jagiellonian University: Dr Jolanta Parek-Bialas
  • University of Warsaw, Dr Weronika Kloc-Nowak
  • University of Ljubljana: Dr Masa Filipovic-Hrast, Dr Valentina Hlebec, Dr Tatjana Rakar, Dr Zaenka Sadl
  • CSIC: Dr Inés Calzada, Dr Francisco Javier Moreno-Fuentes
  • Linnaeus University: Prof Elizabeth Hanson
  • National Yang Ming University: Dr Li-Fang Liang

Understanding Cultures

Public Health (Non-communicable Disease)