Supporting Patients to Make Best Use of Their Medicines

This WUN research group responds to the international priority area of safe and effective medicine use.

Medicines are the most common intervention in health systems in the developed world, but their safe and effective use is far from being assured. Medicines are the most common form of harm in health systems. Only 50-70% of people take their long term medicines as prescribed.

Our research promotes increased patient involvement in decisions about their medicines to improve safe and effective use.

The main themes of the collaborative research are:

  • Consumer medicines information – how it can be improved and tested to ensure it is fit for purpose. Current research is looking at tailored information and increasing the amount of ‘benefit’ information in patient leaflets. Rebecca Dickinson, Peter Knapp, Theo Raynor (Leeds); Parisa Aslani, Kim Hamrosi (Sydney); Sue Blalock, Betsy Sleath (Chapel Hill).
  • Medicines reconciliation at the hospital interface – a taxonomy has been developed, and qualitative work is planned to explore the patient journey from home to hospital and back. Tim Chen, Rebekah Moles (Sydney); Michelle Chui, Beth Martin (Wisconsin-Madison); David Alldred, Duncan Petty (Leeds)
  • Role of community pharmacists in care of people with diabetes – with an emphasis on people from ethnic minorities and under-represented communities. A survey of community pharmacist activities is being planned. Eva Vivian, Henry Young (Wisconsin-Madison); Arnold Zermansky (Leeds); Ines Krass (Sydney).
  • Associate Professor Parisa Aslani, University of Sydney
  • Professor DK Theo Raynor, University of Leeds
  • Dr Rebecca Dickinson, University of Leeds
  • Dr Peter Knapp, University of Leeds
  • Kim Hamrosi, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Tim Chen, University of Sydney
  • Dr Rebekah Moles, University of Sydney
  • Dr David Alldred, University of Leeds
  • Dr Duncan Petty, University of Leeds
  • Professor Ines Krass, University of Sydney
  • Dr Arnold Zermansky, University of Leeds
  • Professor Sue Blalock, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Professor Betsy Sleath, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Dr Beth Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr Michelle Chui, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr Eva Vivian, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr Henry Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Public Health (Non-communicable Disease)