Resilient Peace: Exploring resilient peacebuilding actors, cultures and policy transfer in West Africa

Through a series of three workshops in 2018, this project will bring together leading experts to establish a hub of expertise addressing how to achieve and exceed the aims of SDG 16 in West Africa. 

The insights from this project will contribute to a better understanding of why resilience approaches in peacebuilding either fail or succeed, notably by examining how such approaches are received at the local level. The series of workshops within this project will define concrete policy objectives for complying with, and exceeding the indicators of SDG 16 in the context of an increasingly uncertain global economy and political environment.

Three workshops will bring together academics and key stakeholders (local policy-makers and civil society actors) to proactively co-produce research objectives for future grant applications,

The project will gather, synthesise, further develop and disseminate knowledge and learning on resilience in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

For more information about the research, and its anticipated outputs, see the project website

Dr Ana E Juncos Garcia, University of Bristol

Dr Gilberto Algar-Faria, University of Bristol

Dr Ritesh Shah, University of Auckland

Dr Anita Lacey, University of Auckland

Dr Guy Lamb, University of Cape Town

Professor Ransford Gyampo, University of Ghana

Dr Alexander Beresford, University of Leeds

Dr SungYong Lee, University of Otago

Dr Cori Wielenga, University of Pretoria

Dr Chris Nshimbi, University of Pretoria

Professor Christopher Isike, University of Pretoria

Professor Jonathan Joseph, University of Sheffield

Dr Laurent Goetschel, swisspeace

Dr Sibel Gürler, swisspeace

Dr Stefan Bächtold, swisspeace

Ms Jamie Pring, swisspeace

Dr Wendy Lambourne, University of Sydney

Mr Aime Saba, University of Sydney

Dr Philipp Kastner, University of Western Australia

Dr David Mickler, University of Western Australia

Dr Clare Mouat, University of Western Australia

Understanding Cultures