Jan 24, 2021

Marriage Migrants ​in Asia


The feminization of migration is one of the most broadly perceived migration phenomena in Asia. Although there is an increasing recognition of the importance of including gender analysis in migration studies, most scholarship have paid little attention to the agency and mobility of marriage migrant women in Asia.

This project will investigate how gender as a structure constrains and liberates marriage migrants in public and private arenas. With interdisciplinary perspectives, we will address the following questions: how do marriage migrant women make good use of economic, cultural and social capitals to make their agency and mobility possible? How are their identities re-shaped when they enter multiple private and public spaces in the host societies? How do they represent themselves to challenge public misconceptions about themselves?

The project will focus on marriage migrant women’s agency, mobility, survival strategies, mechanisms of identity construction, and integration into the receiving society. Previous studies have focused on narrow “area studies” approaches, this project proposes to bring members of the existing network together with WUN partners to develop a multisite approach to investigate the multiple hierarchies of sites and subjectivities, moving beyond single nationalities and single locations.

See project website for information about academic publications, policy inputs, scholarly events and other outcomes.

Selected outcomes

See project website for outcomes, academic publications and scholarly events.