Jan 24, 2021

Isolation-Care Tele-Robotic System and its Efficient Utilization for the Prevention of Nosocomial Infection of the COVID-19


As the pandemic progresses, the need to relieve health care workers from repetitive work and reduce their exposure to the virus is increasing.

By interviewing the medical staff from The First Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine at Zhejiang University,  we listed out all the possible jobs that can be substituted by robots and tried our best to fulfil the requirements.

 Target Functions are:

  • Remote interview with patients, including daily check-ups, mental health care and physical training instructions
  • Manipulate medical equipment in the medical ward
  • Deliver medicine, food and personal objects
  • Room cleaning and empty garbage
  • Disinfection of the medical ward
  • Other assistive medical check-ups

We are currently developing a robot that can fulfil the requirements and we have tested our prototype under a hospital setting.