Jan 24, 2021

Global China Group


The WUN Global China Group (GCG) has been identified as one of WUN’s Cross-Cutting themes. These themes intersect with all four Global Challenges and are seen as vital to understanding and addressing them. Cross-Cutting themes are selected based on identifed research strengths across WUN.

The group brings together the significant expertise and resources in contemporary China studies from across the Worldwide Universities Network in a two-way understanding of and engagement with China. The main focus of the GCG is understanding China’s social and economic development with sub themes in:

  • cultural change and economic development
  • food security
  • climate change
  • public health
  • higher education.

The GCG’s program serves as a bridge between Chinese and Western thought to provide a global perspective on the world’s most populous nation. The GCG takes an interdisciplinary approach to China and incorporates the research strengths that exist in WUN across Chinese economy, society, social policy, politics, history, anthropology, literature, visual and performing arts, and religion to offer a broad view of China – both in terms of how China sees the world and how the world sees China.

Building upon the work of its predecessor, the WUN Contemporary China Centre, the GCG is developing strong linkages with government, NGOs and industry as well as with leading academic partners beyond the network to serve as a key knowledge partner on contemporary issues facing China and the world.

The WUN Global China Group Strategic Plan 2015-17 outlines the objectives and strategies for the Global China Group.

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Steering Group

  • Professor Fanny Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Gordon Houlden, The University of Alberta
  • Ms Jia Wang, The University of Alberta
  • Professor Hans Hendrischke, The University of Sydney

Who's involved

The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Prof. Fanny Cheung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor

WUN: Dr. Peter Lennie, Executive Director

Maastricht University: Prof. Harry Steinbusch, China Advisor and Emeritus Professor

Renmin University of China: Prof. XU Qinhua, Professor, School of International Studies

The University of Sheffield: Dr. Lucy Zhao, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies, School of East Asian Studies

The University of Sydney: Prof. Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business and Management, Business School

University of Alberta: Ms. Jia Wang, Deputy Director, China Institute

University of Alberta: Prof. Gordon Houlden, Director

University of Bristol: Prof. Robert Bickers, Professor of History, Department of History

University of Cape Town: Prof. Susan Kidson, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine

University of Leeds: Prof. Hai-Sui Yu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: International

University of Rochester: Prof. John Osburg, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

University of Southampton: Prof. Sabu Padmadas, Professor of Demography and Global Health, Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty and Policy

University of York: Dr. Jon Howlett, Senior Lecturer, Department of History

Zhejiang University: Prof. Dong Hengjin, Professor, School of Medicine

Zhejiang University: Prof. LIN Ka, Professor, School of Public Affairs

Zhejiang University: Prof. Xu Xiaozhou, Dean, College of Education)