Jan 24, 2021



Economics has been identified as one of WUN’s Cross-Cutting themes. These themes intersect with all four Global Challenges and are seen as vital to understanding and addressing them. Cross-Cutting themes are selected based on identified research strengths across WUN.

This theme takes a broad approach to Economics, encompassing both macro and micro dimensions. While economic aspects of the Global Challenges are a primary consideration, the focus of this research program spreads beyond into areas such as trade, innovation and economic development, global governance (e.g. of the financial system), macroeconomic policies and economic cooperation in a globalizing world.

An interdisciplinary approach is taken that draws upon the expertise and perspectives of researchers of various academic backgrounds. In particular input from political scientists, sociologists and psychologists is welcomed. The economic issues that WUN addresses are played out at the international level and have global impact.

The Economics Steering Group (ESG) brings an economic perspective and adds new research areas to the WUN Global Challenges. Specifically, a pluralist economic perspective, and thus the group analyses global challenges from various economic viewpoints.

Key focus areas of the research program are:

  • The economics of education and the dissemination of knowledge
  • The economics of public health
  • International economic development
  • Global Economic governance
  • The economics of climate change