African Child and Youth Wellbeing in the Context of Migration and Displacement

Internal and international migration are increasing, largely due to globalization and conflicts. High migration rates involving children and youth have been reported among African communities (Karagueuzian and Verdier-Chouchane 2014; UN 2013). For instance, as of December 31, 2016, Nigeria had 1,955,000 internally displaced persons (IDMC, 2018). Ghana has also established several refugee camps to respond to the needs of migrants fleeing wars in neighbouring countries. While there is an emerging literature describing the health challenges of African migrant children and youth in the Global North, there is a paucity of information regarding the health status of displaced children and youth in African countries, where displacement tends to exacerbate existing health challenges.

This project will synthesize the literature and establish a research team to investigate African child and youth health in the context of migration and displacement.  The final outcome of this program of research is to improve the health and social outcomes of migrant and displaced African children and youths.  A short-term outcome of scholarly benefit is the compilation and synthesis of all literature that is available on migrant and displaced African children and youths

Associate Professor Bukola Salami, University of Alberta
Associate Professor Sophie Yohani, University of Alberta
Associate Professor Helen Vallianatos, University of Alberta
Professor Philomena Okeke-Ihejirika, University of Alberta
Professor Solina Richter, University of Alberta
Professor Christa Fouche, University of Auckland
Dr. Mary Ani-Amponsah, University of Ghana
Associate Professor Stephen Owusu Kwankye, University of Ghana
Dr. Tina Lavin, University of Western Australia
Professor Valentina Mazzucato, Maastricht University
Dr. Hannah Fairbrother, University of Sheffield
Dr. Jill Thompson, University of Sheffield
Dr. Jo Hunter, University of Cape Town
Dr. Seye Abimbola, University of Sydney
Dr. Lindiwe Sibeko, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Associate Professor Laron Nelson, Yale University
Professor Hayat Gomma; Ahmadu Bello University
Dr. Chizoma Ndikom; University of Ibadan
Dr. Stella Iwuagwu, Center for Right to Health

Understanding Cultures

Public Health (Non-communicable Disease)