Feb 14 2022 | Posted by WUN

Sheffield researcher & WUN project lead recognised for her influence on social policy

Professor Sue Yeandle from The University of Sheffield has been recognised for her influence on social policy, and specialises in the relationship between work and care, and how social and employment policies affect how women and men manage caring roles and responsibilities throughout the life course.

Professor Yeandle has led the WUN research collaboration “Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems”  that investigated how 21st century systems of care can be made sustainable and how citizens can be empowered to have more control over how care resources are accessed and care costs distributed.

Professor Yeandle said: “I’m honoured to be recognised for the impact of my research in the UK and around the world. Care is a genuine ‘grand challenge’ for governments, policymakers, employers and communities everywhere. Good care improves lives, but care deficits damage individuals, families, careers and economies.

I’m proud to be leading a new, internationally connected team to help governments tackle this crucial issue by focusing on inequalities in care, and how these can be overcome.”     

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This story was first published in The University of Sheffield newsroom via Apolitical.
Image: Apolitical