Jul 27 2018 | Posted by wun

inVIVO Planetary Health announces publication of their 10 key principles for planetary health

inVIVO Planetary Health (formerly known as the WUN in-FLAME Network) announces the publication of The Canmore Declaration: Statement of Principles for Planetary Health in Open Access Journal Challenges

The statement, based on the philosophies and principles that were discussed at the group’s recent meeting in Canmore, Canada, is intended to be both a foundation and a “way-finder” for the network going forward. 

The 10 key principles (also see link to paper):

  1. The sustainable vitality of all systems 
  2. Values and purpose  
  3. Integration and unity
  4. Narrative health
  5. Planetary consciousness
  6. Nature relatedness
  7. Biopsychosocial interdependence
  8. Advocacy
  9. Countering elitism, social dominance and marginalization
  10. Personal commitment to shaping new normative behaviours

The group thanks everyone who attended and participated in the Canmore discussions, and those who contributed to the development of this manuscript. 

Visit the inVIVO website for more information.