Apr 11 2013 | Posted by wun

CUHK Invites Applications to the “Chinese Studies as a Major Area” Funding Scheme


The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is pleased to announce the call for submissions to the “Chinese Studies as a Major Area (CSMA)” funding scheme. The scheme provides funding support for four programmatic initiatives during 2012 – 2016. The emphasis of these initiatives is on building a community of scholars in Chinese studies at the University, facilitating intellectual dialogue across disciplines, cross-fertilization of ideas, and stimulation of new research directions of impact.

Interested applicants should contact their counterparts at CUHK to make an application for the following four programmatic initiatives:

1. Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme — supports distinguished scholars of high international standing in Chinese studies to visit CUHK for one term. The visiting professor is expected to participate in academic activities related to Chinese studies, conduct research in an area of Chinese studies, deliver one public lecture, prepare a manuscript for publication soon after, and teach one advanced undergraduate course or one post-graduate seminar during the term. Appointment will be tenable for one term, to begin at a mutually agreeable time. Remuneration will be commensurate with the scholar’s current academic standing, and will include roundtrip coach airfare between Hong Kong and the scholar’s home country, medical benefits, and campus accommodation. Office space will be provided by ICS. One Distinguished Visiting Professor will be supported each year.

2. Scholarly Exchange Scheme — supports visits to CUHK by overseas scholars on research or sabbatical leave. They are expected to spend one term in residence at CUHK to participate in academic activities related to Chinese studies and interact with CUHK scholars and students. Each successful scholar will be funded HK$80,000, limited to covering or subsidizing accommodation expenses; office space (possibly shared) can be provided by ICS as needed. A total of four visiting scholars will be supported each year. 

3. International Conference Scheme — supports the organization of high level international conferences or symposia in Chinese studies. Strong preference will be given to conferences/symposia of cross-disciplinary nature, opening up new research directions of significance and long term impact. Each conference/symposium may be funded up to HK$240,000, covering passage, accommodation, and meals for participants. Subsidy for publication of conference papers in reputable press may also be considered. Two or more conferences/symposia will be supported each year.

4. Summer Workshop Scheme — supports the organization of academic workshops and seminars in Chinese studies during the summer (for approximately 2 weeks). Preference will be given to workshops targeted at nurturing junior scholars, including graduate students. Each workshop or seminar will be funded up to HK$120,000 to cover accommodation and meals for participants. One workshop/seminar will be supported each year.

We are excited about this opportunity to further enhance research in Chinese studies at CUHK, so as to bring it to an even higher platform. Guidelines and procedures for application can be downloaded from the ICS website.

Applications should reach the Chinese Studies Programme Office of ICS via email or fax (to +852 2603 5149) by Tuesday, 30 April 2013. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Yvonne Heung of the Office of Academic Links, CUHK.