Aug 17 2017 | Posted by SSSandy

Bergen researcher awarded for Snapchat Research Stories

Photo: Eivind Senneset Copyright: UiB

Jill Walker Rettberg, a professor of Digitial Culture at the University of Bergen in Norway, studies how humans use technology and what it means to us as a culture.

Recently she has been awarded the John Lovas Memorial Award for her Snapchat Research Stories.

The award is sponsored by Kairos, a leading digitally-native journal of rhetoric, technology and pedagogy, in recognition and remembrance of John Lova´s contributions to the legitimization of academic knowledge sharing using the emerging tools of Web publishing, from blogging, to newsletters, to social media.

The award has been given to a long and impressive list of academic bloggers. This is the first year it has been opened up to other forms of social media knowledge sharing, and Professor Jill Walker Rettberg is the first award-winner to win for other than blogging.

Professor Jill Walker Rettberg is engaged with WUN subjects such as China’s role in the world or digital culture, since 2014.

Professor Walker Rettberg’s blog: jill/text