Aug 04 2014 | Posted by SSSandy

Academy of Community Research launched by the University of Leeds

A new academy has been launched by the University of Leeds’ specialised Care-Connect Sector Hub. The academy is a national programme of support to assist communities to gain a greater understanding of research through learning, provided by experts at the University.  The academy covers the full scope of research including; strategy, method, analysis, write-up and dissemination.

A range of topics are covered including: evaluation/research strategy and design; commissioning of research; research methods (literature reviews; documentary analysis; use of secondary data; questionnaires, in-depth interviews; focus groups; case studies); evaluation (impact, effectiveness, evidence based outcomes; cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness and cost savings); data analysis; writing (reports, policy briefs, blogs); effective presentations and teaching; policy; real world case studies.

For more information on the programme and  becoming a member of the Academy as an individual or an organsation please contact Elly Layfield