WUN Symposium cum Research Summit on Impacts of Grain Legume Research & Development in Developing Countries

Agriculture is facing major challenges due to climate change bringing upon extreme temperatures, limitation in freshwater resources, and soil erosion. Therefore, sustainable agriculture is now among the top national priorities of developing countries, to bolster food security, economy, and environmental sustainability.

The WUN Symposium cum Research Summit on Impacts of Grain Legume Research and Development in Developing Countries will bring together over renowned scholars and early-career researchers from around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas on the development of legumes research with the aim of building a global collaboration network transcending geographical boundaries, career hierarchy, and research expertise difference. The 10-day event will feature mini-lectures on strategic topics, interactive site-visits, a Young Scientist Forum, a Young Scholar Competition, and a 3-day International Symposium which features the following keynote speakers: 

  • Prof. Christine Foyer, University of Leeds
  • Prof. Junyi Gai, Nanjing Agricultural University
  • Prof. Peter Gresshoff, The University of Queensland
  • Prof. Nat Kav, University of Alberta
  • Prof. Scott Jackson, University of Georgia
  • Prof. Kadambot Siddique, The University of Western Australia
  • Prof. Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri
  • Prof. Rajeev Varshney, Centre of Excellence in Genomics, ICRISAT 

Registration is now open. For more information, please visit the official website.