WUN Data Science (Big Data) Exploratory Workshop

As the technological age provides us with more access to data than in the history of humanity, a challenge presents itself of how to manage, interpret and, ultimately, exploit that data in ways that have a positive impact on almost every conceivable aspect of our lives. From health, to energy, environment, economics and culture - the applications of big data are limitless.

WUN, as a global consortium of leading research-intensive universities, is uniquely placed to address this challenge with international, interdisciplinary perspectives.

As a first step, WUN will host an exploratory workshop of experts nominated from its member institutions to be held at the University of Rochester on 22 August 2014. The conference has been timed to coincide with the lead-up to the KDD 2014 Data Science for Social Good Conference taking place in New York City, so many delegates will be able to attend on their way through.

The purpose of the workshop is to discover where opportunities for collaboration lie and where WUN has the greatest impact in this burgeoning field of scientific exploration.

Sessions will be based around the following themes:

  1. Fundamentals (formalisms, computer science)
  2. Medical and Life Sciences (genomics/bioinformatics, brain sciences, medical informatics/health prediction)
  3. Physical Sciences (climate, earth and environment, astronomy, cosmology)
  4. Business and Social Sciences (finance, language, social networks)
  5. Organizing Data Science within a Research University (discussion of research structures and educational programs for best developing the field)

Local costs (accommodation, meals) for delegates from WUN member institutions will be covered.

Conference program

Conference participant list

For more information, or to register your interest in the workshop, please contact Scott Steele.