WUN-CUHK Workshop on Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions in Air Quality and Climate Assessment: Modeling and Measurement Strategies

With the support of WUN, the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability at CUHK, and CANEXMIP, experts and early career scientists in related fields are invited to attend a 2-day training workshop setting out the current knowledge and state-of-the-art development of in particular:

  1. Fire modeling with a focus on applications in air quality and climate studies;
  2. Agricultural and crop modeling with a focus on climate impacts on yields; and
  3. Canopy exchange modeling: determining effective atmosphere-biosphere exchange of reactive compounds and aerosols.

A major theme is how these important terrestrial ecosystem processes interact with the atmosphere and shape climate and air quality. Emphasis will be on the use of models such as canopy exchange models to analyze field observations, measurement strategies needed for further model development and improvement, and application of these models for future projections capacity that can inform policy making and management approaches.

The workshop is organized under the "Impacts of Future Climate and Land Use Changes on Public Health and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia".

Associated Research Groups