in-FLAME Workshop 2017

Following successful meetings in Southampton, UK (2012), Washington DC, USA (2103), Cape Town, South Africa (2014), Marburg, Germany (2015), and Maastricht, The Netherlands (2016), the WUN in-FLAME Network will convene for their 6th annual meeting in New York City, United States, as part of the 2017 WUN Conference & AGM. 

As always, the main goal of the meeting will be to create a collaborative space for creative discussions, productive partnerships and long-term friendships. 

The meeting will be focused on aspects of the early environment which mediate immune, metabolic and neurodevelopment, as well as developing their recent ‘Global Environments’ initiative which examines the links between human health and environmental health. This is aimed at providing an integrative systems framework for understanding the eco-biological impact of living environments (including biodiversity) on microbial diversity and life-course human health from the perspective of omics and nature relatedness.

This event is part of the WUN Conference & AGM 2017. Please visit the in-FLAME 2017 website for more information, call for abstracts and registration.