GHEAR Workshop Sustainable Development Goals for Higher Education

The Global Higher Education and Research (GHEAR) workshop, titled Sustainable Development Goals for Higher Education, will occur over one-and-a-half days immediately preceding the WUN Annual General Meeting.

While the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were almost exclusively focused on primary education, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasize lifelong learning and have a multiple emphases on the role of higher education as a key contributor to quality education at all levels.  In fact, six of the ten targets for SDG 4 (Quality Education – Ensure Inclusive and Quality Education for All and Promote Lifelong Learning) focus on higher education in some manner.  

This goal aligns ideally with GHEAR’s global challenge to address the sources, mechanisms, and social structures that give rise to today's higher education challenges, and works collaboratively across the network to propose reform policies for international research and education. 

More specifically, the GHEAR Steering Group has endorsed an approach that focuses on improving the outcome of equitable access and mobility to high quality and contextually relevant higher education that is supported by necessary levels of public and private financial investment. 

This approach is informed by a framework that has been adapted from the work of some of the WUN scholars working on GHEAR.  Members of GHEAR have recently created a crosswalk that identifies how specific SDG 4 targets align with this strategic research agenda (see attached document).  The purpose of the GHEAR workshop will be to develop a focused strategy for advancing this strategic research agenda. 

Session topics under consideration and development include:

  • SDG Targets and GHEAR: An Aligned Research Agenda (Plenary)
  • The Economics of Higher Education Mobility
  • Higher Education in Crisis-Affected States
  • Strategic Leadership in Developing Higher Education Systems
  • The Future of SDGs and International Governance for Higher Education (Plenary)
  • Higher Education for Refugees
  • Strategies for Securing External Funding (Plenary)

Please view the workshop schedule, a map of campus and travel information to both Amherst, MA and New York City(for those participating in WUN events May 3-5).

Please plan to arrive at 8:30am on May 1st in order to pick up your registration materials and enjoy coffee with colleagues. The workshop will begin promptly at 9:00am. All workshop sessions will take place in the Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center, One Campus Center Way, UMass.

There are several options for visitor parking on the UMass campus, however the most convenient would be the Campus Center Parking Garage. Parking information can be found here

Information regarding lodging in the area can be found here 

This event is part of the WUN Conference & AGM 2017.