Discourse analytical approaches towards uncovering power relations, with a specific focus on race/whiteness

Out of the Postgraduate Research conference New Territories in  Critical Whiteness Studies (August 2010, University of Leeds) grew a  PGR network of students engaged in race critical and critical  whiteness studies. As one of the first events, we are organising a  virtual seminar on Discourse analytical approaches towards uncovering  power relations, with a specific focus on race/whiteness. This  “peer-review” seminar will take place on the internet on 24 January  2011, between 7pm-8.30pm GMT (UK time). This event is open to  students/researchers outside of the U.K., as well.

The seminar aims to be a discussion between PGR students. Four PhD candidates - Linda Lund Pedersen (LSE), Barbara Samaluk (Queen Mary),  Manuela Honegger (U. of Lausanne), Noémi Michel (U. of Geneva) - will  each present a part of their work (10 min), after each of which the  presenters will respond to questions from the attendants (10 min). See Abstracts above.

Invitation to participate

We would like to invite PGR students to attend this virtual seminar.  19  additional places are available on a first come first serve basis.

Contact virtualseminar@gmail.com  before  2 January 2011. Access to virtual seminar is free . You will require a computer with headset and speakers and an internet connection. You will be sent a web link ahead of the event. No additional software is required.