China Business: Green Opportunities - China - the Challenge of Growth and Green


This talk will:

  • Examine the development of China’s economy since the Cultural Revolution, and look at where environmental / green issues sit amongst other priorities, and what is likely to happen in future.
  • Consider China’s needs and internal expertise, identifying gaps and where China has to look to others for assistance.
  • The opportunities and challenges presented to UK businesses, and the implications on how they should approach the market.
  • The process of transferring technology, considering the issues involved at each stage of the process and whether this has a life cycle and a necessary end point for the UK partner.

Case study, the life cycle of selling a “green” process to China.


A chartered chemical engineer with an MBA, Mr Vince Cunningham was once described as a “serial factory builder”, having delivered factories in the UK, North America and South-East Asia. In 2002 Vince led a project to deliver unique UK technology, which could make commercial grade panel boards from waste materials, into China, building factories in several Chinese provinces.

His business operations in China have taken Vince from Shanghai to Wuhan, from Guangzhou to Harbin. He has worked with suppliers, government departments and academic bodies.

Vince joined CBBC in mid 2006 as “China Business Adviser”. He is responsible for the North of England and is CBBC’s section leader for Advanced Engineering and Environmental issues.