Approaching Indigenous Research: Ethics, Protocols and Collaboration

The International Indigenous Research Network (IIRN) is a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous multidisciplinary researchers that form part of the Worldwide Universities Network. We are scholars from different universities, disciplines, fields, regions and communities across the globe. We seek to establish a space to foster international research collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

In our first meeting, IIRN hopes to open a dialogue exploring the ways Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers from a range of locations collaborate, including discussions about a shared understanding of some of the key issues and questions that can lead to significant research projects.  A key aim is to explore the ethical groundwork for emerging projects.


This meeting will include networking events and the Roundtable Symposium on the topic of Approaching Indigenous Research. Please note, a central aim of this meeting is to network and find possible ways to work and research together. To this end IIRN members are encouraged to attend and engage in informal and/or formal discussions and sessions. We do encourage you to present on the Roundtable if this interests you, but the presentation of a paper at the Roundtable is not a requirement for IIRN members to attend this event.  Details on additional activities will be provided soon.



We are delighted that Associate Prof Karen Martin (Griffith University), has agreed to be keynote speaker on this Roundtable. Karen has argued that research with Indigenous communities is, “where conceptual, cultural and historical spaces … come alongside each other” and can produce “new relationships to knowledge, to research and to self” (Please Knock Before You Enter: Aboriginal Regulation of Outsiders and the Implications for Researchers, Post Pressed 2008).

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