The Pennsylvania State University

Established in 1855 as an agricultural high school, Penn State has grown into a leading university with a broad array of research strengths spanning virtually every academic discipline.  Penn State integrates research and creativity into the academic environment at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  We have more than 90,000 undergraduate and graduate students, nearly 9,000 full and part time faculty, and 40,000 staff at our twenty-four campuses.  Our student body represents the world, from every state across the nation and over 130 countries. 

Much of Penn State’s research focuses on finding solutions to public problems and stimulating the state and national economies, and we specialize in strong interdisciplinary research programs that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, with particular strengths in materials, defense-related research, industrial research, and the social sciences. Researchers at Penn State include many global leaders, including multiple members of the United States National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering as well as Fellows of the Royal Society.  With over 300 research centers and laboratories, the size of our research enterprise consistently ranks among the top institutions in the world.

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