March 16, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Cancellation of WUN Annual General Meeting in Monterrey

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WUN Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for 18-22 May 2020 in Monterrey has been cancelled. This decision reflects public health concerns, and acknowledges the severe restrictions now in place, especially for international travel.

All meeting registrations will be cancelled automatically, but because hotel reservations were made directly by delegates, you must inform the hotel of your cancellations personally. There is no penalty for cancelling reservations at the conference hotel up to 120 hours before the first day of your stay.

frequently asked questions page on the conference website provides further information about the cancellation of the program in Monterrey.

We are, of course, determined to maintain momentum, and will be taking steps to ensure continued progress on the new strategic plan and other initiatives. Several meetings that were to take place in Monterrey will be held by teleconference (see list below, with dates). Local times will be communicated by the WUN Secretariat before the end of this week. These meetings include:

  1. Partnership Board Meeting (21 May)

  2. Academic Advisory Group Meeting (20 May)

  3. Coordinators Meeting (19 May)

We will be working with the Global Challenge Steering Groups, and the Global Africa Group, to ensure continued momentum on their initiatives.

We will have an opportunity to meet in Monterrey in 2021: Tecnológico de Monterrey has generously offered to host the WUN AGM next year. We hope within the next two weeks to announce dates for AGM 2021.

We extend our best wishes to all WUN colleagues as members navigate this complex and challenging time. We regret not having the opportunity to see each of you in person this year, but look forward to gathering once again in 2021 and in the meantime continuing with our important work together.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Paul, WUN Partnership Board Chair

Peter Lennie, WUN Executive Director