University of Alberta names next President

Bill Flanagan has been named the 14th president and vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta.

Next Vice-Chancellor appointed to the University of Leeds

Professor Simone Buitendijk has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, succeeding Sir Alan Langlands, starting from 1 September 2020.

Action/Inaction: Technologies and Partnerships - 2020 SDG Conference Bergen

NCKU Scientists’ Groundbreaking Research on Open Quantum System Published in Nature Communications

NCKU scientists’ latest research on the detection and certification of the nonclassicality of dephasing dynamics was considered as groundbreaking and got published in Nature Communication in August, 2019.

The University of Western Australia Leading Beyond Borders

The University’s ambitious plans to expand and strengthen global partnerships have been unveiled in UWA 2030, as it aspires to become a pivotal knowledge hub for the Indian Ocean Rim region.

University of Bergen hosts ocean conference with a focus on science-policy nexus

More than 150 scientists, students and ocean enthusiasts gathered in the University Aula for the inaugural Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference and speeches on current research and inspirational speeches on a sustainable ocean.

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Alberta to host 2021 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

The University of Alberta will host more than 8,000 academics during the 2021 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

"Science must serve society," says University of Cape Town's Maano Ramutsindela

The rise of artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have profound effects on societies of the future. But society must shape science, corralling the social sciences and engineering, if we are to move humanity forward, said Professor Maano Ramutsindela.

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Maastricht University President Martin Paul: "UK universities must not turn away from Europe."

Pan-continental prosperity will suffer if the UK’s near-absence from the European University project is a sign of things to come, says Martin Paul in an article featured in Times Higher Education.

UN to hear how the University of Bristol is making progress on tackling global challenges

A new report from the University of Bristol, demonstrating Bristol’s leadership in tackling global challenges through local action, will be presented at the United Nations in New York next week.

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