University leads the way in vital global soil research

Experts from Europe, USA and China, have established networks of field research stations to study the valuable services that soils provide to humanity. It is hoped these research stations will help experts find out how to protect soil against the threats posed by climate change and increasing food and energy demand from a growing human population.

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Greener grazing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Gases such as methane expelled by grazing animals make up roughly one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Dr Alex Chaves, Senior Lecturer of Animal Nutrition in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, is working on ways to reduce these livestock emissions, which contribute to global warming.

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Study Finds Female Dung Beetles Use Horns as Weapons

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have found that not only do some female dung beetles have bigger horns than males but they also use their horns as weapons in competition with other females for access to dung, which they then use in breeding.

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