UCD researchers sequencing the COVID-19 virus genome

By comparing the genetic data (or genomes) of COVID-19 samples that emerge in different parts of the world, scientists can determine the relationships between different strains of the virus and track the spread of disease outbreaks. Genome sequences can also be used to develop diagnostic tests and identify stable regions for vaccine design.

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UFMG study tracks evolution of coronavirus transmission

Researcher applies mathematical model to local data to understand pandemic and support other research. Reports of the pandemic situation in the Brazilian states and the Federal District, and methodology developed by a British entity to measure the rate of infection with the new coronavirus over time, are the main inputs of a UFMG study that proposes to monitor the evolution of Covid-19 in the Brazilian federative units.

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University of Bergen conducts 'Bergen in change' COVID-19 Study

The Municipality of Bergen, the Institute of Public Health and the University of Bergen have together prepared a survey to gain knowledge of what the life of the inhabitants of Bergen Municipality is now. The survey will take approx. 10-15 minutes to answer and 80,000 adult residents of Bergen municipality are randomly drawn out and invited for voluntary participation.

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York researching the social implications of Covid-19

Academics at the University of York are to examine the legal and societal impact of Covid-19 in two separate studies. One will look at the impact of Coronavirus on families on low incomes and the other will focus on the public's response to the emergency legal restrictions brought in to help contain the pandemic.

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WUN Research Mobility Program: Ideas in motion

In this story, we hear how two WUN member researchers benefited from new connections made through the Research Mobility Program: Colin Chu, who worked with engineers at the University of Rochester, and Victoria Rivera Ugarte, who collaborated with social scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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Climate and shock: resilience in food production systems after COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, interruptions to public services and the imposition of social distancing have had major impacts on global agriculture and food supply. Professor Mark Eisler of the WUN supported Global Farm Platform discusses likely impacts of the crisis and the potential for rebuilding systems in more environmentally and economically sustainable way. 

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Trauma, climate change, and maternal health: increasing impacts, trans-generational effects

Stressors and traumas such as violence and abuse, the effects of poverty, and the experience of emergencies or disasters have a major impact on the health of pregnant women and their children.

As the impact of climate change multiplies the threats, understanding why and how we can make effective and early interventions is paramount.

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