Mobilising around mobility: unique WUN collaboration to study wellbeing and sustainable transport

How do individuals weigh up the options of different modes of transport? Do they value speed, accessibility, cleanliness, health, or cost when choosing how to get around? What choices are available and how might this change? Funded by a 2020 Research Development Fund grant, this new WUN Interdisciplinary Research Group brings the power of five key institutes to the challenges—and benefits—of promoting greater use of sustainable forms of mobility, with their associated outcomes for health and wellbeing.  Click through for the full story.


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NCKU develops island's first deployable coronavirus hospital

National Cheng Kung University has built a full-size prototype of quarantine unit with negative-pressure ventilation.

“We are very proud to declare that we are the first in the world to have presented a readily deployable temporary quarantine hospital with innovation and human needs incorporated into the design,” remarked NCKU President Jenny Su.

See the project website here.

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CUHK webinar: Medical Education in Pandemic - Screen to Screen or Face to Face

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical educators have continued to teach their students by adopting new methods in teaching and assessment. In an upcoming webinar organized by the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK, teachers and students from Asia, Australia, and Europe will share their experiences in teaching/learning medicine through virtual means and discuss the readiness of students to be doctors during the pandemic. 

More details of the webinar can be found hereRegistration is free on a first come, first-serve basis. Everyone is welcome.

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Alberta in partnership to develop new COVID-19 Vaccine

University of Alberta researchers launched a joint effort with U.S.-based Tonix Pharmaceuticals to develop and test a vaccine against COVID-19. The researchers hope their unique delivery method for the vaccine—synthetic vaccinia and horsepox viruses—will prove more effective than others being tested around the world. 

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