Global study on the pandemic’s impact on university staff and student wellbeing

An international consortium of WUN member universities along with WUN+ partners is examining the experiences of staff members and students at universities around the world, seeking to reveal the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on their mental health and wellbeing. Click through to learn about the project and to access their global survey for academic staff members.

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UCT researcher's #Data4Women campaign is connecting women who face gender-based violence

Dr Maria Rosa Lorini’s journey of scholarship and activism criss-crosses two continents: from Pisa to Paris to sub-Saharan Africa. Now working with local communities, her #Data4Women campaign is connecting women who face gender-based violence. Lockdown has deepened their isolation, and for many even joining a support group risks partner abuse.

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Advancing telerobotics to make hospitals safer for health workers

With health care workers across the world taking on extreme risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, WUN is supporting a team of engineers and scientists to make treating patients safer for hospital staff. Read more here about the collaboration between members Zhejiang University and The University of Sheffield to develop a robot that will reduce the risk of infection on isolation wards.

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WUN Webinar on 'Restarting Research During the Pandemic' to be held on 10 September - Register Now

On 10 September, we will explore what strategies have emerged from both an institutional and researcher perspective, and in response to challenges presented by different disciplines, to restarting research during the pandemic.  We will discuss what we’ve learned from both success and failure, and how the diversity of experiences from around the network can help inform the way we restart of research in this new landscape.  Click through for more information and to register.

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Launch of the WUN 2020 Research Development Fund: Sustainable Recovery

WUN is pleased to announce that the Research Development Fund (RDF) 2020 round, focused on the theme of Sustainable Recovery, is now open.

As the world approaches investment in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing attention is being paid to doing this in ways that will be sustainable, which is aligned with WUN’s strategic goals and focus on sustainable development. This presents the network with a unique opportunity to initiate projects that anticipate the major investments that will be made over the coming years, and enlarge the impact and global recognition of WUN.  

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