Thinking forward through the past

A major international research project led by the University of Leeds has attracted significant funding from the AHRC to shine new light on forgotten works by Jewish artists.

Performing the Jewish Archive has been awarded £1,534,076 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) under its Care for the Future: Thinking Forward Through the Past theme.

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Leeds University's new partnership will boost life science businesses in the North

The University of Leeds and Bionow have agreed a formal collaboration to support the UK life science sector in the North. Built around the University’s world-class strength in interdisciplinary biomedical research and Bionow’s industry network of over 1,000 biomedical companies, the partnership will offer opportunities across three key areas; collaboration; employment support and building influence.

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Crunching Numbers: WUN Big Data Workshop

The Data Science (Big Data) Exploratory Workshop will be hosted by the University of Rochester on 22 August 2014, and will provide an opportunity to explore where partners' interests are sufficiently aligned to warrant deeper collaboration. WUN members will explore where WUN has the greatest impact in this burgeoning field of scientific exploration.

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