Social Media Study

Associate Professor Ariadne Vromen from the University of Sydney has won a $312,000 grant to study whether social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter can help to reduce young people’s disenchantment with politics.

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London's bridge is not one too far

All is right on the night. The naysayers are dispersed. As the Olympics roll on, London and the Brits are cresting the wave with a superb backdrop of history, humanity and style.

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New AAG representative appointed at Penn State

Marty TretheweyProfessor Martin Trethewey, the Arthur L. Glenn Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University, has been appointed to the WUN Academic Advisory Group (AAG).

Professor Trethewey will take over the role of developing the WUN program at PSU and represent the university on the AAG. He takes over the role from Peter Schiffer, who was former Chair of the AAG and is moving on from Penn State.

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Spin doctors meet in Sydney

Scientists working on the next generation of faster, smaller and more complex electronic devices are meeting at the University of Sydney for the 4th Worldwide Universities Network International Spintronics Conference. 

The three-day event brings together world experts in the frontier science of spintronics - a new technology that is expected to replace the conventional digital logic used in IT systems. 

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New AAG representative appointed at UW-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently announced the appointment of an Interim Dean of the Division of International Studies and Vice-Provost for Globalization, who also takes responsibility as the university's representative to the WUN Academic Advisory Group.

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International conference brings global focus to social inequality

Academics from around the world gather in York this week for one of the most significant social policy conferences in the UK in recent times. The Social Policy Association and the East Asian Social Policy research network have joined forces to host ‘Social Policy in an Unequal World’, which opens on 16 July at the University of York.

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