A fine balance in the Arctic

Fifteen members of AEVO from five WUN institutions attended a two-day workshop at the University of Leeds, 12-13 September 2011, to launch this novel project which tackles the crucial issue of climate impacts on Arctic communities.

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Astronomers reveal new findings from 'monster' black hole

Astronomers reveal new findings from 'monster' black hole Ref: 11/94 Working as part of an international team, astronomers at the University of Southampton have revealed some striking features in the gases emitted from the regions close to one of the brightest, supermassive black holes known to man.

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Rebuilding a dinosaur head

A University of Alberta-led research team has taken a rare look inside the skull of a dinosaur and come away with unprecedented details on the brain and nasal passages of the ancient animal.

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Chemical game changer

University of Alberta chemistry researchers have discovered an active catalyst that has the potential to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of manufacturing processes used to make products such as agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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